After making these CDs, I accumulated a group of arrangements that are now available in book form. This book is spiral-bound so it can open fully to enable the player to see the music easily.


♫ Mozart Menuetto ♫ Flight of the Bumble Bee
♫ Lady of Spain ♫ Cleopha (Scott Joplin)
♫ I Don't Care (Guido Deiro) ♫ Schön Rosmarin (Fritz Kreisler)
♫ Tziviele's Bulgar (Dave Tarras) ♫ Voi Che Sapete (Mozart)
♫ Krakowiak ♫ Flute Minuet (Mozart)
♫ William Tell Overture ♫ Le Basque (Marais)
♫ Malagueña ♫ The Swan
♫ Alla Turca ♫ Haydn's Serenade

Here a few quotes from some famous artists:

“This brilliant book will radically improve your playing - a must for every accordionist”
Angelo DiPippo

“This is a marvelous compilation of music that every musician/accordionist should know”
Eddie Monteiro “

A book every accordionist should own .... nice job!”
Gary Dahl


Please feel free to request a sample from this list and I will email you a pdf copy. A companion CD with these pieces is offered in order to hear how the music should sound.


Accordion Selections Book $29.95

Accordion Selections Combo - Book & CD $39.95