Track listing:
1. Coquette Polka
2. Florette
3. Bel Fiore
4. Olive Blossoms
5. Mozart Menuetto
6. La Mariposita
7. Czardas
8. Jolly Caballero
9. Elenita
10. Klezmer Suite
11. Serenata Primaverile
12. Bel Viso
13. Kelli, Kelli
14. Streamline
15. La Cumparsita
16. Lady of Spain
17. Vivo
18. Carnival of Venice
This album is dedicated to my teacher, Mr. Charles Nunzio, who was a principal student of Pietro Frosini, and is known in his own right as a great performer and instructor of the accordion. His musical genius is evident in his compositions and arrangements, some of which appear on this CD. Mr. Nunzio’s assistance in the execution of these musical selections was immeasurable.
Track listing:
1. Hot Points
2. Love Smiles
3. Skippin' Along
4. Rhapsody #2 in C minor
5. I Don't Care
6. Dizzy Accordion
7. Silver Moon Waltz
8. Sharon’s Bulgar
9. Poéme
10. Helena Polka
11. Clarinet Polka
12. Krakowiak
13. Klezmer Suite #2
14. Fughetta
15. Bolero in C
16. Bajon
17. Feeren
18. Scherzo
This album is the second in a project devoted to the presentation of “accordion classics”, as well as some of my own transcriptions that I hope are idiomatic to the instrument.
Track listing:
1. William Tell Overture - Finale
2. March Militaire #1
3. Malagueña
4. Serenade
5. Alla Turca
6. Moment Musicaux #3
7. Flight of the Bumble Bee
8. Cleopha
9. Schön Rosmarin
10. Klezmer Suite #3
11. Minute Waltz
12. Voi Che Sapete
13. Flute Minuet
14. Le Basque
15. Under the Double Eagle
This is my third album; it is devoted to a variety of arrangements of “classics” for the accordion. I have tried to incorporate as many details of the music as possible from the original score, and to be faithful to the composer’s intent.
Track listing:
1. Pietros Return
2. Happy Thoughts
3. Bubbles
4. Accordion Swan
5. Bolero Fantasia
6. Accordiomania
7. Klezmer Suite
8. Vision of Love
9. Brave Matador
10. Klezmer Walk
11. Haydn Serenade
12. Russian Fantasie
My first three albums contained music that I studied with, or at least sought advice about from Mr. Nunzio. This album consists of selections that I worked on after his passing. I had to draw on what he taught me, both in methodology, and in the overall way he wanted the music “to come out“, as he would say.